Depiction of Hidden Nature


My work looks at the movement of the air and the earth in the forest. I want to express the value of all living things, visible or invisible to the naked eye. There is an existence-value to all living things which resides in the flow of the universe, and in its cycles of creation and extinction.


In my early work I wanted to convey the idea of nature’s providence by portraying earth forms. The earth, portrayed in conjunction with the perennial characteristics of motherhood, teaches us naturally about the cycle of life.


To represent daily life and nature, visually I tried to provide the viewer with the sense of looking down on a floating image of detectable pictorial shapes, as a kind of symbolic metaphor.


More recently, I have become interested in the “invisible world” of the forest, the desperate struggle for existence of “hidden” living things, and their conflict, co-existence, and balance.


Viewed from its exterior, the forest seems almost exclusively and only filled with the greens and browns of its trees and mountains. But within, there also exist a great variety of flowers and grasses, animals, insects, and microbes. There also are the light, wind, and fog which together complete the picture of all –co-existent natural phenomena.


This forest, the habitat for all living things, all at once for them a larder as well as a grave, provides the endless sense of artistic stimulation. It is a beautiful fact, the way in which all these living things appear; how they live in a form of natural consideration for one another, in harmony and adapting to nature’s order. Humans may exist in the same manner.


The things that are merely visible to us are not all there is. As an artist, I am attracted to those things which disappear within a moment, and some of the images in my paintings are responses to the gestures of loneliness or despair of the small and insignificant. 


The essence of my work is to show nature’s intention through its peculiar perceptional depth. Using the forest as my subject, through a combination of reason and meditation, I explore this environment creatively by building layers of color.


The purpose of my work is to have the viewer achieve a state of attainment, through a process of meditating on the mysteries of living things. In the future, I wish to express the consolation and dignity of life in my painting, and meet the viewer in even more spatial depth and speculation.

Duri Park

 "Her works are the delicacy that is wandering on the path of daily life, and experiences of indulging oneself into dismantling and reconstructing the daily life...The best virtue of her works is the lyrical echo".

- Kang Sunhack

Art critic and the Chief curator of BUSAN MOMA


"The series of (The Earth) in 1999 are distinguished with abstract beauty... they are expressed with plentiful motherhood of the earth successfully in colors of fertile soil contour and blurred images".

- Jin Seop Yun

Art Critic and Professer at Honam University

"Soaked with the intrinsic value of the work, the content is expressed with the visual beauty".

- Hangseop Shin

Art Critic 

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