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Muhak Company 2010

South Korea

"Dreams of the Earth’ of Park Duri - The Attachment to the Four Seasons "

- The cultural contents for communicating with the public-



"Duri Park is an artist with passion, showing active solo exhibition more than twenty times in the inside and outside of the country. Lately, Park has been paying attention to making a wall painting, especially in the city of Masan. At first, Park was interested in the outer wall decoration of MBC Munwha Broadcasting in 2006. The work at that time made a good impression not only to local people and enterprisers but also artists in the field. The artistic technique and painting’s style of her work gave an easy feeling to the public, as a result, her artistic talent was connected with an out-door wall painting of the rooftop of Daewoo Department store in Masan. The work was very hard due to the difficult process and much material cost.


It is not easy to make a perfect wall painting. So Park devoted herself to the invisible basic draft by appearance and did detail processing for showing the color itself with patience. The citizen began to familiarize her work gradually, and then Park felt in need of art cultural contents to communicate with the public. Park wanted to be acquainted with the public and painted a wall drawing at Tongsul side street in the street of Bulch’ong, O dong-dong. Of course, wall painting culture was not familiar to us. The technique of wall painting was not developed and the process was not easy in reality. But her earnest characteristics enabled her to succeed in all the projects and the attitude about making creative things was not vain. In consequence, “Dreams of the Earth” made by Muhak Co. Ltd is the result of her professional mind and devotion.


The theme of the work is the harmony of four seasons that invigorate the active energy of life. The plot is divided into four sights— Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The four sights such as a folding screen consist of each section, putting together “Dreams of the Earth”. “Dreams of the Earth” contains each season’s spirit and gives the energy and light to us who may be bored with the daily life"

Lotte Department Store 2008

South Korea

"The sight of Spring that the subject of matter is trees and flowers describes the revival of nature and the spirit of flowers’ perfume. It implies the landscape of spring days in the yellow color of the golden-bell tree and the light green of a sprout. Park expressed acoustic impression coming Spring’s sound in the abstract technique. Above the yellow golden-bell trees, when the heat looks like a shimmering the birds informing Spring chatter in the field and farm. Above all, the proper describing of the image of Spring is a woman compared to spring in the personification technique. Such a metaphor stimulates us to feel a stir in our life.


The sight of Summer usually used in the color bluish green consists of “the Sea and Forest”. The story of the sea and the forest of speculation, it is connected with the theme of Summer’s night. The section implies the depth in blue color and the mother’s image of abundance. The blue color of the sea also implies romantic image leading our vague dream and rough adventure of life. The sky-blue color of Summer night has the power that gets into the superior hope and energy of dreams. The starlight in the sky and the flame light at port glimmer each other. Also, the image of the landscape in the blue color leads us to a rest place which the happy beverage and relaxation flow. In the place, we take a deep breath and feel the value of life peacefully. Park is said to be “Forest of Speculation”.

MBC Broadcasting Company 2006

South Korea

"Park has focused on “the Daily Life in Reality” in the sight of Fall. While the speculation of Summer night is concerned with the world beyond reality, fall’s speculation is concerned with the daily life of yesterday and today. It usually describes the life things of city such as people, bed, flower pots, fish globe, cars, bicycles instead of natural images. First of all, it strongly implies psychological problems about lovers and eroticism.


The sight of Winter’s theme is about “Mountains and the Air”. The color blue-white and rose pink stand for this sight. It describes the forest in the dreary snow, the surface of the water on the thin ice, white and transparent snow field. Although the forest of bare trees is covered with snow, from the bottom it flows out warm air of plants and animals. The landscape in reddish color expresses the dawn of early Winter. The reddish light of dawn gives notice a gleam of Spring awards mountains and cities of cold Winter".

Changwen City 2008

South Korea

Yoon Ik-young

The president of Korea critics association

A critic and professor at Changwon National University

"Park’s activities of her works have proved in two awards, Artists Award of Masan in 2000, and Dongseo Art Award in 2004. It shows how worthy and steady she is. Therefore, “Dreams of the Earth” is the result of her effort in the response. The cultural participation in the idea of Muhak Co. Ltd puts forth. It is the international trend that enterprisers and artists make a cultural contents for communicating with the public. Duri Park and the company leading this developed cultural project created the big work “Dreams of the Earth”. Her work “Dreams of the Earth” will offer emotional abundance to the public and enhance the value of our life. That is to say, the work will be a strong foundation to inform the renaissance for the development of local culture."

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