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-Kyungnam News 5/25/21

“The essence of my paintings is the forest. By creating a layer of unique color, it expresses the essence of nature.”

Songwon Gallery in Gyeongnam Steel, Changwon will be holding an invitational exhibition for Western artist Park Duri as its 19th exhibition. The opening ceremony will be held at on May 26th, 2021 at 6 p.m.

The theme of the exhibition is ‘Forest’. Park has been working to bring out all the shapes of nature. After her experiences in New York in 2015, the world of work she built became deeper and thicker.


The work looks at the process of creation and extinction of nature from a unique point of view. Air, dust, grains of dirt, and etc. It captures value in things that are small or insignificant and invisible but present in our lives.


The forest is not bound by a specific image. Layers of colors are added to create a natural floating look. From small to large pieces, about 30 paintings of various sizes were installed.


Park said, “I wanted to prove the value of living in conformity with the principles of the universe. The natural order and harmony inherent in the forest, as well as the phenomena of creation and death, permeate the work. I hope you can find some comfort in the paintings of the forest during the COVID-19 pandemic”


Changwon, South Korea


-Gyeongnam Mecenat Association 5/25/21

“The essence of my paintings is the forest. By creating a layer of unique color, it expresses the essence of nature.”

Songwon Gallery in Changwon is preparing an invitational exhibition for artist Park Duri as its Gallery’s 19th exhibition.

The opening ceremony will be held at 6 p.m. on May 26th, 2021.


Park states, “I wanted to prove the value of living in conformity with the rule of the universe. The forest’s natural order and harmony, as well as creation and death, demonstrate my work. I hope the audience feel encouraged by my pieces of the forest from the coronavirus pandemic.”

Changwon, South Korea

Gyeongnam Domin Daily News 5/25/21

From May 26th, Duri Park’s 32nd solo exhibition will be hosted at the Songwon Gallery located in the headquarters of Gyeongnam Steel, Ungnam-dong, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si.


The most recent abstract pieces aligned with the theme of 'Forest' are displayed in this exhibition hall, which was designed to help residents, including workers in industrial complexes for cultural entertainment. Park, who has worked with acrylic paints, has about 30 pieces displayed at the gallery.


Her pieces created over the span of the past three years have been displayed in the exhibition hall, and the screens expressing the cycle and vitality of nature. In addition to her nature’s portrayal, her works depicting the meaning of existence of living creation in the forest will also appear in the exhibition hall.


Changwon, South Korea

-Gyeongnam Domin Daily News 7/18/05

" Female artists are displaying their artworks side by side overseas. Yun Bok-Hee and Duri Park are holding solo exhibitions at the Union Hall, Joongang Ilbo Cultural Hall 1 and 2 Exhibition Rooms, Union City, San Francisco, USA, starting on the 16th. 


Park is an artist who is actively turning her eyes to 'the world' by opening a solo exhibition in the United States. 


This exhibition is designed to help Korean artists working in San Francisco to interact with artists in their home countries. Duri Park, who has held solo exhibitions in Paris, Japan, and Osaka, Japan, will exhibit her solo exhibition at the Joongang Ilbo Culture Hall 2 exhibition room until September 24, and will also exhibit her works in the San Francisco Biz Gallery for 30 days. 


Park, who imagines stories that can happen and the feelings based on the earth, expressed the theme of her solo exhibition as 'Story of the Earth'. Park, who tried to express more of the Korean images than the Oriental works in the West, has prepared a work that gives a more relaxed feeling based on the way she has been doing steadily. 


Park tried to put simplicity while omitting the blank space of the screen. At the same time, she tried to give familiarity to the person who added a little figurative image rather than non-visual work. So, in this exhibition, Park's work is a yellow and a green color of the earth as a whole. The flower is presented in the middle of the screen, which is expressed in the form of a plan, and gives the impression that the artist puts spring accessories on the map of the earth.


Park plans to hold another solo exhibition in Taiwan next year."

Union City, San Francisco, USA

 -Gyeongnam Domin Daily News  7/16/01 

"The exhibition of the Korean colors and the fragrance is prepared in the central of the European arts -- Paris, France. The presenter is Duri Park, a painting artist whose works are active in South Korea. This is a valuable exhibition which has been prepared for the last year and a half, with documents and artworks. Although she had no prior experience in holding solo exhibitions in France, she was able to successfully host a solo exhibition with her own efforts. "I wanted to introduce a side of the work of 'Korean painter' in Europe from my westernized painting yet show a strong Korean culture and color. The themes of my work are 'Mother Earth' and 'Motherhood'. So I thought that I could find connections of the East and West through my work." says Park. 

In Park 's "Earth", where the sight is viewed from above in the sky, life and objects of the Earth are presented rectangular or square shapes from the distance and gathered together without invading each other' s area. It can also be presented as a piece of cloth that our mothers always hold, a flock of wildflowers blossoming in the fields, and a house full of comfort and warmth.

Thus, the Earth is also woman itself (<Earth - Woman>), and it is also a form of nature that is lively and vigorous after rain (after <Earth-rain has stopped>), Eternity>). The vitality of the earth was expressed in wrinkles with matiere.

Art critic Yoon Jin seop said, "Park has been working on  'Land' works in two ways last year. One is an abstract representation of the Earth and the other is a conceptual representation of the sections of everyday life. Here solo exhibition is a more concrete way of combining ideas and abstractions. The split of the screen is much more diverse than the first, and the selected material is getting wider"

The exhibition will be held from 16th to 28th at the Etienne de Cozang Gallery, Paris, under the name of 'La terre (land)'.

Paris, France

 -Gyeongnam Domin Daily News 11/26/04

The winner of the East-West Art Awards, which celebrated its 14th anniversary this year, was Duri Park. The event was held at Masan's East-West Gallery at 6:30 pm on November 25.


The Dongseo Art Gallery, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, enacted the East-West Art Prize in 1990 and has released 14 award-winning artists by this year.


Park was awarded with a prize of 3 million won ($3000) and a plaque that selects and invites artist to Hwarang Art Festival which will be held at the Seoul Arts Center. The awards ceremony will be held on December 1.


Duri is graduated at Masan University and Kyungnam Graduate University. She has held eight solo exhibitions. Duri, who consistently embraced 'nature' and 'femininity' in her works with the main motif of Mother Earth, Mother, and Path, has combined her concepts and abstracts by adding soils on canvas to emphasize the texture with paint.  

Masan, South Korea

- The Korea Times  1/26/16 

Duri Park’s solo exhibition will be held from February 28 to February 3 at One Riverside Square (Suite 201) in Hackensack, NJ, providing visual pleasure with various color images. 


Park shows the series of “forest” that express the beauty of nature and the mystery of life captured implicitly. Duri is currently a residency writer at the The Leisure Residency in New York, and recently has been working on this solo exhibition. She plans on presenting the beauty of the Earth and the nobility of life on the canvas. 


The artist graduated from the Painting Department of Sejong University Art School and graduated from Kyungnam University Graduate School. She has won several awards including the East-West Art Award and the Masan Art Award, and has held numerous planning and invitations since 1996 and a total of 27 solo exhibitions.


She has showed works from all over the world including USA, Paris, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Sweden, China and Thailand. The opening reception of the exhibition is held from 5 to 7 pm on the 30th.

Hackensack, NJ, USA

-Gyeongnam Domin Daily News 1/27/04

Duri Park, a Korean painting artist, goes to Japan for her solo exhibition. The exhibition will be held in Osaka Fuji Gallery, Japan from the 26th to the 31st.

Park, who has been working on the theme of Mother and the Earth, focuses on the "path" of the Earth in her sixth solo exhibition. The series "The Earth - About the Path" is full of technique of applying soil to the canvas. She also utilizes the texture by coloring, revealing, mixing, or burying it several times. Although the colors overlap, it provides heavy yet soft feeling as if the mist is flowing in air.  


The artist wrote in the pamphlet that "The way in life usually involves some dangers, but it seems to be so because it is worth taking the risk".

Osaka, Japan

 -Gyeongnam Domin Daily News 4/3/06

"Duri Park, an artist from Masan,South Korea, is holding an exhibition overseas. The theme of this solo exhibition is 'Dream of the earth', which was invited by Taiwanese 'Tainan City Cultural Center' and will be held until September 9. 


Through this theme, which Park has constantly been interested in, she images the stories that can happen on Earth. The works she presents in this exhibition are filled with spring's vitality, expressing the ground of the Earth with yellow, green, and green.


Park, who is also the chairman of the Western painting branch of the MMA, is actively presenting works from all over the world, including Paris, Japan, and Osaka, and San Francisco."

Tainan, Taiwan

 -Gyeongnam Domin Daily News  8/23/12

A very distinct odor comes from the works. After going for the smell, the trees were folded like a folding screen. 


Because multiple scenes piled up, it became the 'secret of the rain of the forest' by the artist Duri Park. Duri unfolds the invisible story of the forest at the Seoul Insa Art Center until 27th which contains more than 40 pieces.


The artist paints acryl on canvas several times until the desired color appears. When she looks at her work from a distance, she feels the depth of the air flow that moves between the colors on canvas. But when she looks closer, the screen is not as thick as she thinks. Visual depth and weight are greater than physical ones.


Park said, “the work includes a forest, earth, air, and other invisible and invisible worlds. I focused on the invisible world, especially conflict and balance, and I wanted to go deeper into the screen if possible."


Like her words, her works are in a limited-size. However, her works contains various stories that allow a wide range of interpretations.


If Park was as a writer, she would blend ideas and non-ideas appropriately and view the story from a third-person point of view. Although the “Forest” is a very small and ordinary space, it contains Park's sincere feelings to share memory and experience with the visitors. 188 Kwanhon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Seoul, South Korea

 -Gyeongnam Domin Daily News  8/23/07

There is constant renewal of the exhibition space that is trying to approach and communicate to the public.


On the first floor of the Masan Daewoo Department Store, the artworks that are hung up around the fountain seem to communicate with the people who enter the store. More than 20 pieces of artistic ideas about forests, forests of civilization, and finding the meaning existence in the forest are placed around the fountain. 


This is the special exhibition space with the artist, Duri Park, who opened her ideas about “the forest” from the 21st. There is no wall, but there is a flat work. It is the natural stone, wall pillar, and transparent connecting chords from above that communicates the viewer with the art piece. If you touch it with a light touch, the whole art pieces shake and seems to express the nature that breathes. 


The art piece which includes woman who thinks seems to talk to the people who come down from the elevator. It was rebuilt as another installation art with one painting based on water, natural stone and forest.


The challenge in exhibiting art pieces could have been difficult but Duri Park stated that it was an opportunity to make various attempts and experiences as an artist. She said “since it was an opportunity to get closer and communicate with the public, there was no doubt“. She also stated, “In the meantime, I worked only on canvas. After the mural projects that I worked on  last year, It came to me that I should open my mind on exhibiting my pieces in a different perspective”.


“The Forest” will be held for the time being until the next artist to be exhibited is announced at the Fountain Gallery.

Masan, South Korea

 -Sejong Gallery

Park's works deliver visually rich colored images in her theme “forest”

In her work, a specific color is set as a central image, and a variety of colors are added and arranged appropriately to give a sense of harmony. 

This diversification of colors according to the changes results in a more positive expression. In particular, sophisticated sense enables a broad interpretation of the image of forests.


In her recent work, she worked on the image of the sea along with the image of the forest. While she images the forest as a vertical, she images the wave as parallel. Forests are mainly green, while water’s main color is blue. In doing so, this symbolic color image

expresses the impression of ​​the sea. 


As you can see from this, Duri is able to change and summarize what she felt and experienced in an abstract, and non-visual language.  


Her art’s essence marks the beauty of nature and the mystery of life in an implicit language.

Seoul, South Korea

- Wikitree, 03/15/04

"ART NOW- Gyeongnam Art Museum, which opened its first exhibition this year on the theme of land, life, and soul, was originally held from January 16 to April 16 but high in demand from the audience have extended the exhibition until April 30th. Opening in museums 1,2,3 sections and special exhibition room, this exhibition is held on three topics: the land in natural depiction, the life of human life, and the soul in abstract expression.


'Soul' - composed of works by artists who expressed the world of the invisible is created in the works of abstract or formal concepts.


The spiritual part and universal concern surrounding human beings, such as self, desire, and relationship, is an abstract form of vagueness or without concrete form.


In addition to Park Il-cheol, who expresses an unknown curiosity about the self and the universe in a mysterious fractal image, the abstract works of the artist Seo Tae Yeon, Baek Kun-gong, and Duri Park are also exhibited."

Kyungnam, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

 -Yonhap News  7/12/06 

"In this exhibition titled "Art in Drama" along with the title of drama “uncontrollably fond”, the works of nine artists who spread different works of art such as Kim Mi Kyung, Kim Young Chul, Duri Park, Park Young Jae, Park Jong Young, Park Jin Myung, Song Ji Hye, Yoo Hae Young, and more are gathered .


These works portray and reflect the character’s living space and reveal the personality and story of the characters in a more stereoscopic way.


Until now, the works in drama have been mostly limited to decorative functions, but Lotte Gallery explained that the drama was selected from the planning stage with special exhibitions in mind and placed in various parts of the set."

* image below is some of Duri's work

-KN News   6/20/11

As the public art for urban regeneration is activated, the city is reviving.


Ohdong-dong, Changdong, and fish market, which are the old downtown areas of Masan-dong, are designated as commercial areas, and murals that appeared in the useless retaining walls of schools contribute to communication with residents. Companies are actively trying to introduce public art on urban regeneration by creating cultural streets.


According to Changwon City and Masan-dong Merchants Association (Chairman Cho Yong-sik), the areas of Ohdong-dong, Changdong, and Shandong-dong in Masan were selected by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs for the urban regeneration test business, followed by Ohdong-dong, Changdong, It is designated as a commercial zone, and the old Masan city renewal business is under way.


There is also a blow of public art in companies.


Muhak company established the "Street of Obscure Culture" for public projects and Mecenat movement leading companies. This is the work of a local artist, Duri Park (Western-style painter). Also, Muhak replaced the main gate with large sculptures. 

Masan, South Korea

Masan, South Korea

-KN News   11/4/13

We have met western-painter Duri Park in her working studio. 


“To me, the land felt like a hometown. It felt like a warm house that I could always go to and relax. So the Earth seemed to be soft and affluent thing, not a barren or desolate object.”


Park 's canvas became the Earth.


The works of Duri Park have large-scaled pieces. This is to make people look closer and fall deeper into the paintings. Therefore, when looking at her paintings, it feels as if I am being sucked into a black hole. Sometimes it gets into the ground, sometimes in the woods, and everything inside it, including oneself, and can be caught in magic that attracts the viewers.

The artist wishes to contribute to society in a way that “her works cover the unseen and invisible world, the providence of infinite universe on the screen. With a peek at what is unknown in the invisible world, I hope that small and minor gestures living in each of these locations will provide a space for rest and comfort. "

-Gyeongnam Domin Daily News  6/27/08

"Masan Daewoo department store parking lot on the 9th floor is going through a major change. The plain wall is turning into a huge art canvas. The work started from the 9th floor rooftop of the parking lot which extends to the entrance to the main restaurant 7th floor restaurant.


Duri Park is the artist who is working at the rooftop. Park is a local artist who received the East - West Art Prize in 2004 and was invited to the Korean Embassy in Rome, Italy in 2007.


The progress of the work is changing day by day. The wall painting work, which started on June 7, is scheduled to be held until August 31, but the roof top of the 9th floor of the parking building is almost finished.


The artist is also exposed in the sun all day yet refuses to put the brush down. Her works grab immediate attention to the customers who bypass this area. 


Kim Han-ju (45, Masan, Wolyong-dong), who visited the department store for shopping on the weekend, said, "It is a work that can not be seen from the general gallery even if I look at the quality and size of the work. I want to visit again when the work is finished. "

Masan, South Korea

- Riverside Gallery   1/7/16

Duri Park's International Exhibition:

  • New York, NY, USA

  • Hackensack, NJ, USA

  • Milbrae, CA, USA

  • Union City, CA, USA

  • Rome, Italy

  • Paris, France

  • Osaka, Japan

  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • Vienna, Austria

  • Fushun, China

  • Bangkok, Thailand

  • Tainan, Taiwan

Duri in More News:

Duri in a live interview on MBC

Kyungnam, South Korea

Duri in a newspapers in Tainan 

Tainan, Taiwan

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