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"Her works are the delicacy that is wandering on the path of daily life, and experiences of indulging oneself into dismantling and reconstructing the daily life...The best virtue of her works is the lyrical echo".

- Kang Sunhack

Art critic and the Chief curator of BUSAN MOMA

"The series of (The Earth) in 1999 are distinguished with abstract beauty... they are expressed with plentiful motherhood of the earth successfully in colors of fertile soil contour and blurred images".

- Jin Seop Yun

Art Critic and Professor at Honam University

"Essence of her work is basically adopting forest as image source to reveal the value of beings without depiction of each creature which comply with order of universe and to imply deep inside nature by forming layer of colors throughout several times of work"

- Yoon Ik-young

President of Korea Critics Association and Professor at Changwon National University

"The paintings are a hybrid of nature and synthesized man-made shapes. These paintings fill me with a buzz of saturated hues and different shapes and sizes, of intricate mark making ...There exists within the paintings a hidden infrastructure of cubism and impressionism, a feeling of modernism that is implemented throughout the paintings ... I am drawn to this passion of nature and physicality of the paint".

- Steve DeFrank

Painter/Professor at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

"Soaked with the intrinsic value of the work, the content is expressed with the visual beauty...the work flows with a stream of brilliant colors expressing waves of emotion...Duri Park's abstract and non-figurative visual language is not just an outcome of intellectual manipulation. It is more of refining and simplified non-representing language transformed from own experience accumulated upon the fact."

- Hangseop Shin

Art Critic 

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